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7% Bail Bonds with full payment on most bonds over $15,000.00

There is a quality difference at Always There Bail Bonds that you won’t find in other bail bond companies. Yes, bail bondsmen can all post bail bonds. However, since the defendant is released into the custody of the bondsman you’ll want to deal with a bail bonds company that knows how to properly manage defendants. Since the cost of the bail bond is dictated by the Division of Insurance the price of a bail bond can’t be a factor.

It all starts with the conditions of the bail bond and those will vary from bail bond company to bail bonds company. For example not all bondsman in Upstate South Carolina will approve all bail bonds. Then, how many times you’re required to check in, if you are or not allowed to leave the state, and how long you can take to pay off the cost of the bail bond will vary too. Here’s more on how bail bonds work. Don’t wait any longer, you’ve found the right bail bondsman, now call us (864-580-2245).                                                                                                                                                                                                We have the most experience you’ll find in Upstate South Carolina and know how to get the most difficult bail bonds approved. If your case falls into the grey area of whether or not a bondsman will approve the bond, we have the ability to ascertain and approve more bail bonds that fall into that grey area than any other bail bond company in Upstate South Carolina. Additionally, our bail bond financing options provides for affordable bail bonds and are the guaranteed